What are Floodgates?
It might sound like an obvious question, but there are a variety of different flood defence systems that meet different requirements and prevent flooding.

Floodgates can replace ordinary gates that attach to the perimeter walls of your business site. They can also be added to spaces between walls and closed only when there is a flood risk. They can be built for pedestrian or vehicular access.

Generally, the gates are built into the structural wall surrounding your premises to provide unbroken flood barrier against flood water. This provides perimeter defence against flooding, which is especially important in areas near rivers at risk of bursting their banks with heavy rainfall.

We can help prevent the most serious damage to your business premises by preventing large, forceful flows of flood water onto your business site.

It is important that the perimeter walls surrounding your business site are strong enough to withstand flood water. A fast flow of water has a huge amount of energy and can easily damage existing walls, especially if they have already been weakened by previous flooding.


Not all defences are for external flooding. For businesses that deal with chemicals, oil, petroleum or other harmful fluids, it is essential that spills are enclosed properly. Such fluids can be hazardous to the environment, personnel or traffic should they spill onto a road.

Businesses can prevent spillages spreading into the wider environment by enclosing the managed area with a low wall. Access to this area would be through a water tight gate called a Bund Gate. It acts in exactly the same way as a flood gate but keeps the fluids inside the designated area.


Businesses that are in close proximity to the sea or tidal rivers can be at risk of flooding when there is a tidal storm. Storm gates are generally positioned within the sea defence wall to allow access to the beach, promenade or riverside.

Many storm gates are installed by the council or the environment agency as part of their storm defence. Not all river access is on public land, however, and some businesses might need to install such defences themselves.

1st Defence Fabrications Coastal Storm Gate
Storm Gates are often used in coastal and inland environments to close off roads, railroads or pedestrian access within permanent concrete flood walls as well as earthen dams and dykes in case of a flood.

A storm gate is usually a bespoke solution and the design and material depend on the different project specific circumstances:

Aperture Size – Length and Height

Design Criteria – Hydrostatic Water Head, Impact Load, Wave Impact, etc.

Environment – Coastal or Inland EnvironmentA storm gate works by stopping the surge and allowing over topping to dispearse underneath the gate as the surge ebbs. As this is a neoprene strip seal which has no threshold this allows the water to run away.


1st Defence have a wide range of flood and security door solutions to meet your needs. Designed and manufactured in house by our qualified experts . Our flood doors provide permanent flood protection and security for your business.

Whether it’s for heavy industrial or domestic use, the level of flood protection and quality is the same. Our flood doors are designed using the latest design techniques combined with steel or stainless steel allowing them to be suitable for all situations.

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